Hi Everyone! My name is Louise Rossiter and I am the admin assistant for the East Midlands Paediatric Critical Care Network.

This role is my first in the NHS and it is fair to say that the past 6 months have been a very exciting time for me. The NHS is a very different place when you are working within it – I had a very different perception of it as an outsider. I’m really enjoying my role so far – in particular making contact with all of the units across the East Midlands (and beyond). I am learning something new every day – which is a joy. I always enjoy a challenge, and encourage anyone to contact me should they have any questions or queries. If I do not know the answer, I will find out!!

As I mentioned, I am new to the NHS having previously worked within Higher Education settings. I hold a PhD in Electroacoustic Music Composition and have a particular interest in music psychology and human psychology. My previous experience lies in teaching in various settings. I have vast experience workshopping music and sound-based composition with people of all ages and abilities – from young children with learning difficulties, to older people. I have also taught in primary and secondary school settings. Prior to joining the NHS, I lectured on a part-time basis at De Montfort University, Leicester. I have also lectured on a part-time basis at various Further Education colleges in Scotland.

Outside of work, I continue to be very active as a researcher and composer in the field of electroacoustic music. I often give guest lectures at institutions both in the UK and further afield (although this has been curtailed somewhat by the pandemic) and have had several works recognised in international composition contests. My greatest achievement so far is being the first female composer to be awarded Prix Russolo since it was first created in 1979– recognised as one of the major prizes in the field.

In my spare time, I love to cook, bake and experiment with new flavours. I also love taking long walks in the middle of nowhere with my greyhound, Noah. I really enjoy travelling – whether that is somewhere far, far away, or much closer to home. My favourite place in the world (so far) is Montreal, Canada, although the rugged terrain of Cornwall comes a very close second.